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Your donations now will help  to pay for the Arabic translation of the book and the work of the graphic designer to get this all in place.


Once this is done - my dream is to have interaction between Israeli and Palestinian children - planting seeds of peace for a safe world for all of them


I donated my first batch of books and pillow cases to children in South Africa and then 100 books to an orphanage in Pardes Hana, Israel....

Why did I chosen to start in South Africa...?

I want to give back, for all that I received from the great- grandmothers of these children. This is where I was born during the Apartheid era. It is my intention to share Dreaming with my Peace Pillow,  with as many children as possible, worldwide...I started in South Africa! To give more, I will need your help. One small act of kindness creates an infinite ripple...




The pain so deep,

I think I could weep,

from now until forever.

As I open my eyes,

revealing cries of childhood in Africa.

Theirs and mine! 


I had no idea.

It was not clear.

Protecting myself with so much wealth...

Sure that all was well, 

not noticing that we were living in hell!

House, garden, pool and tennis court,

all the luxuries that could be bought.


And we were taught,

that those with black skin

are born in order for us to win.


 It has all surfaced now!

How could we have lived like this?

People in bliss -Not knowing that within the skin

is the Light of God,

whether Black or White.

Where was the light of the White

who could deceive himself

so as not to see the truth?


The memory has surfaced

of me on her back.

No name - no identity!

She sang to me, caressed me.

I bet she even blessed me.

Her breast full of yearning for her own,

as my own mother let her mother me.


I can smell the sweet scent.

Remember the soft silk chocolate colored skin

of the woman who saved me from abandonment,

abandoning her own,

so white women could live in luxury. 

She is the one who caressed me,

fed me, clothed me, bathed me, and saved me...

and I was taught that she was naught

because of her skin.


Did no one see her heart?

Mine breaks

as the truth makes

me look back

at my roots in Africa.


                           Anael     From Pieces to Peace.                  


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