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Now more than ever it is our responsibility 
to support and inspire our children. 
They need us to guide them
to use their imagination and positive thinking . 
They need us to teach them
about loving kindness and compassion for self and others.
They need us to tell them 
how wonderful and magnificent they are so they may
 know peace in their hearts.


 "Teaching young people about compassion is one of the most important things we can do for humanity. Our future depends on it". The Dalai Lama


Reading this book together with your children, encouraging them to draw or write on the pillowcase that comes with the book, will connect them to the creative power of positive thinking and imagination. This will empower them make positive changes within themselves, their relationships with others and their surroundings.

"Think good thoughts that create good things"

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Butterfly pillow case
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Translated from Hebrew - "Tell me about your experience with this book."Nirit.  "

This is THE book that my daughter loves. She simply knows parts off by heart. When

we get home, she shares her experiences with me about the pillow and the book and actually since we got it she never leaves it. There is something so real, clean, and speaks

in a heart to heart language. I honestly have not met this in any other children's book.

It just goes straight to the heart with love and one can tell that it was truly written

from the heart. I recommend this book because it is most definitely  something  


Thank you to Anael who wrote this book and I really think it should be in every home" Shoshanit

"Joli came home from school crying. She had had a fight with a boy in her class.

With the help of the book and Dream Pillow,

Joli drew how she would like to feel when she meets the child at school the next day.

She went to school confident, open hearted and peaceful,

which  paved the way for an easy reconciliation..." Ayelet, Joli's Mom.


A WhatsApp Message that I received from Sue Bethal from Wales. She has ordered around 50 sets and is sharing them with refugees in Llangorse, Swansea. "...I handed out some butterfly pillow cases to some new children. It was such a wonderful day. 45 people now, some from Venezuela and many countries in the world aren't safe...Even in the pouring rain, some of the local children and some of the visiting children who had bonded over the pillow cases got up and sang "A Million Dreams" from the Greatest Showman. There wasn't a dry eye in the hall!!!


"I wanted to let you know how delighted my client was this morning with his book and pillow. We spent a long time decorating it with our hopes, dreams and wishes and he can't wait to use it this evening. One set has also gone to a nurture group for children with behavioural and emotional difficulties."  Katy Wise - Free Spirit Holistic Therapies.U.K


."My daughter chooses which page she wants me to read and then she draws." Words from Beverly who's daughter has become addicted to this book.


"This book opened conversation between me and Gal which helped him see that he was interpreting things in a harmful way. With time he started to draw beautiful pictures of hope." Sally


"I've noticed that my daughter is much more peaceful. Like something inside her has calmed down. She loves our time together and so enjoys creating on her pillow." Osnat

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Karen Palmer

  Global Kindness


Dreaming with my Peace Pillow

into the classroom in California.

"The children love your book and were excited to share their artwork with you."

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