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   Jumping off the Cliff...


     The same year that I had the inSpirational thought about the peace pillows,(2005) I took part in a workshop in Boulder Colorado. Jewish and Arab women were invited into the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, to The Star House, where we did indepth peace work. One afternoon, as the sun was setting over the magestic mountains, we sat in circle on the back veranda, sipping herbal tea, sharing our hopes and dreams. I shared the inSpiration that I had had at the peace camp that summer, releasing it into the circle.


     At the time, I was in the throws of my divorce, having no idea how I would manage financially or otherwise. At the closing ceremony, we each stepped over a sword, symbolising the thresh hold as we each shared what it meant for us...I found myself saying..."I'm standing at the edge of the cliff, about to jump, and I know I will have a soft landing..."




It is time to let go

Now I know

without doubt

I am about

To create peace

by leaving the piece

of land that I love


Just like the Settlers

I need to make the move

in order to prove

that the center for peace

is in my being

and my belly


I’ve been in a fight

Holding on tight

Not wanting to give up

Believing it is my right

to bring light

By owning the land

 the house and the sanctuary


I’ve opened my arms

I’ve opened my heart

I’ve cared

I’ve shared

I’ve cooked

I’ve cleaned

I’ve nurtured


Now is the test

If I can be my best

No fancy home

to call my own


Just me

My body

the four walls

My belly

the home

My soul

the center for peace


Now  is the time

To let go of ‘mine’

and turn to Thine

for support


As I take the leap

The leap of faith

Having no idea

Nothing is clear


I stand on the ledge

The very edge

I’m about to leap

Knowing deep

Within my soul

That I’ll be whole


And held when I fall

Standing tall

My feet rooted

In The Mother

Knowing I’ll be


supported and guided

I let go and leap!



September 2005


At a Life Alignment module 6 workshop last week, again I had a vision of myself on the top of the mountain, a place I visited in April while in South Africa at the International conferance.   This beautiful mountain has this opening right at the a cave but not a cave, more like a birthing canal. I heard the words..."jump"...and in my imagination, I did. This time, I just flew...swirling in the air, feeling completly supported by the Universe, knowing without doubt that at long last I am free, free to truly be me. I have healed my childhood trauma, overcome the death of my baby, am happy and fulfilled. So grateful for this journey I am on, knowing that all that happened in the past, brought me to this point, where I can offer the children of the world, what I wish I had known as a child.  Excited that my dream has come true...join me and help your children know how magnificent they are and  that dreams manifest - "THINK GOOD THOUGHTS THAT CREATE GOOD THINGS"...welcome to Dreaming Peace.




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